Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Blog Site

Hi Friends,

As I looked at the title of this blog I decided to change it and call it NevilleGoddardNow. To sign up go here. Please forgive an inconvenience for those who have signed up at this blog.

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Gary Nordgren

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Is your life bleeding away?

Hi Folks,

We get caught up so much into our lives we forget we only have so many minutes before our earthly pass expires on earth. Earth is as Neville Goddard said "Is a school for your imagination." Now if we operated like that each day how would our life really change?

What if it wasn't about getting the partner, the money, the job, the business, the lessons learned and it really was about using your imagination consciously? It was more about having love and faith to create a new reality that is hidden in only your invisible world inside of you?

It does take love and faith to create a new reality on the outside when appearances speak so loudly when you observe things you don't want or desire.

The other day I asked one of my relatives how she was and her reply was "surviving". Now that is a state she is describing but it is also what she claims as hers at that moment. Now I make no judgment whatever state she is in. I really hope every eye reaching this page and reading this words never use these words if you know that those words create your reality.

If you use "surviving" change it to "good". If it is "good" change it to "great!" If it is fine change it to excellent! Words coming from your mouth have a narrative power that creates that reality. Try it. Experiment with different words. Try these words out when someone asks you how you are doing? Perfect. Couldn't Get any Better. Wonderful! Excellent! Fantastic and getting better! Adventurous! Excited! Loved! Amazing! Terrific! Or anything else that you like. Just saying them creates an energy within you - a state. Try it out loud.

Each day you have a narrative in your head about what things mean. Whether you really take things as good or bad is up to that narrative. Now if you realize that you are in control of that narrative morning, noon, and night how would you change it so your life is more amazing than it is now?

What narrative or story do you want to stop, give up, and let go or been excited to try?

It was interesting talking to some of my family members recently as we visited. I had a certain family member describe a person in their immediately family as a description. I had heard this person do that almost every time they talked of this person. The narrated who they were to themselves and what they were capable of.

Have you ever done that? I know I have of myself when I get in a new relationship I had to tell this person who I was by my description. I was almost afraid if I didn't describe myself in the way I did she wouldn't get who I was. Have you ever done that? I do it other times with unfamiliar new people in my life too. Just not to the degree I did the narrative about me to a potential girlfriend. Makes me go hmmm.

Most people never entertain anything beyond their senses even people who claim to be religious or have a certain faith. They are so rooted in the idea of sickness or death they don't even realize that they have an option called faith. Their faith extends sometimes just barely past the visible. Many people have liked the pragmatic approach. Don't go out of your comfort zone! Don't actually believe you can heal yourself or another. Don't believe anything past your five senses - you might offend the Almighty. Be realistic! Get real! Face reality!

Your challenge for the day is to have faith and love something that isn't seen today. To believe it in to existence. A great Neville lecture about "believing it in" is

So don't go for what is already real go for what you desire to be real. Make it real by your inside narrative and let your self thrive in its end game of having it already! pretend if you have to.

Your passions and excitement lies in selecting a new reality outside your past expectations and desires. Creating a reality you desire today starts with the idea of it. Then the narrative. Then the love of it. Then the faith it will come into fruition! Believe it in!

What are your thoughts?

Is this something you can practice?

What is your story?

What is your new narrative you might want to try out here?

Make your life one that you create and don't let it bleed away on something you don't desire. Your life blood is practicing using your imagination today. Not tomorrow. Today. Start now.


Friday, July 31, 2009

Experimenting With Neville

Hi Friends,

Today is Friday. The last day of the month. Let me ask you something? Are you ready? Are you ready for this next month? I don't mean financially or materially. I mean spiritually. Have you committed to make this month better than your last by using Neville's words and applying them?

Are you using any system for yourself or others to experiment in selecting a reality you desire and bring it forth? If you don't have a system or an easy way to continue your studies I suggest the Mastering Neville's Workshops I created at Law of Attraction University under powerful workshops tab. Also Look for Indoma (Dr, Neeta Blair) Workshops In Imagination and Body Resizing. Also I suggest Indoma Workshops in the Dare to Assume Subscription that has also 71 Neville Goddard's Lectures at

So are you taking Neville's words and applying them into your life? So do you consciously do it daily or weekly or even hourly? You can't get too much conscious use of your imagination can you?

To really imagine a new result when appearance are different in what you outwardly see is one of the most noble and praiseworthy acts possible!

Let me tell you of one of my experiments that came to fruition and the reality was brought to me last Sunday again with my Nephew reminding me about his situation in person.

It was May of this year when I heard my sister on the phone tell me that her Son, R, was really sick and had internal bleeding and stomach and back pain for over 2 years. They didn't know what it was and she thought he was going to die if he didn't get the right help. He had been seeing doctors since this started at the emergency room. When I heard her I said to her I will pray for him. Which means - that I will do an imagining where he gets better in a conversation with my sister.

I heard her tell me it they found it and that it wasn't anything serious in my imagination. That was my Experiment.

Result: about 1 month later I was talking with my Sister and I asked about her son, R, and she said they found what it was and it was nothing serious or life threatening. They did find it and clear up in less than 5 days. It would have been serious if they didn't find it.

Now many people would have said "Hey they would have found it anyway" and yet it was going on like that for over 24 months. Until I imagined it changed in my world - then did it change. Can you see the power of your imagination just in my story and experiment?

What is your experiment today? This week? This Month? What will you do to Apply Neville to your life? Tell us about it here. Let us know what your experiments are even if they are small. They all matter!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

How has Neville Changed Your Life?


As I look back at how Neville has changed my life, I feel appreciative. I found Neville in May 2002. I felt so pulled to his words and his books. Within just a few months I have read every book and was desiring for much more. The is the start of my odyssey into Neville. I was going through a business failure which was good for me so that I could learn Neville and take the time to start The Neville Project.

As I started experimenting with Neville Goddard's words of wisdom I was astounded at how simple they were and yet profound. I started to wake up myself to the potential I had inside with Abraham-hicks, Ernest Holmes, and Seth (Jane Roberts) books and tapes. When I found Neville it was like someone was singing my favorite song. I just kept reading his books. Eventually I joined a Yahoo Neville Group that had been established two or three years before. I found the same challenges I had with that group as I did with the Abraham group. There were many many what I termed at that time " negative people" participating in them. But they talked about other lectures. I was interested and wrote one of the people who talked about them. I told him that I was really interested in more Neville. After much imagining and some e-mailing he let me in the group. They was two other books that Someone had put together! Wow! I downloaded them and enjoyed them.

Then some Neville lectures were scanned. Some of the older lectures were put them into this group. WOW! I was hooked on Neville lectures too. I couldn't stand reading them all with all the scanned errors and the type face it was in and they weren't all together in one lecture. I wanted to read them straight through so I could get his message and not try to figure what he was saying. So the thing that bugged me became my project to do. Eventually After doing 90 lectures and piecing them together I put them all into PDF format. That is how I started with Neville.

Neville really has given me the words and tools to go for what I truly dreamed about in helping as many people as I felt I could. He helped me take my ideas that weren't getting done and living in the end to complete them. Eventually I kept being told to start recording the lectures on an everyday basis from my spirit and everything came together so I couldn't refuse to start doing them - because all my excuses were taking away! Neville has changed my life in how I look at the Bible as a metaphor and people who represent states instead of history. Makes the bible for me make much more sense than it ever did as a historical document. I have done some things I never thought possible thanks to Neville. I love the idea Imagining Creates Reality!

So how about you? How has Neville changed your life and impacted you?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Applying Neville In Your Life Today

Hi Folks,

When I sit down to imagine or feel something as real like Neville speaks about sometimes my logical mind spouts off its own truth! Interferring with what I desired in the first place. Sometimes I go to that place of desire and my mind won't let the current reality alone. It says "Look" you'll never be there or go there you have too far to go to reach that end desire.

What do you do when your mind keeps you from imagining the result and ending you want? How do you overcome it?